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Management of Hypertension during Pregnancy | Anti-Hypertensive Drugs

Management of Hypertension during Pregnancy

Anti-hypertensive Drugs

  • The main goal of anti-hypertensive drug is to keep the diastolic pressure between 90 mmHg and 100 mmHg to prevent cerebral hemorrhage.

  • Anti-hypertensive drug should be given when the diastolic pressure is more than 110 mmHg or 110 mmHg.


  • Give Hydralazine 5 mg IV slowly every 5 min until the blood pressure is lowered,Repeat hourly as needed or give  hydralazine 12.5 mg IM every 2 hour as needed.

  • In case in Hydralazine is not available Labetalol can be used


  • Give Labetalol 10 mg IV, observe for the change in the blood pressure if the blood pressure remains above 110 mmHg after 10 min of the 1st dose , give Labetalol 20 mg IV.

  • Increase the dose to 40 mg and then 80 mg if the response is not satisfactory within the 10 minute of each dose.

Calcium Channel Blockers:

  • Nifedipine 5 mg chewed and swallowed or injected into the Oropharynx, this may be repeated at 10 minutes of interval if the response is not satisfactory.

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