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Local Anesthetic Drugs | Chart | Easy to remember

Local Anesthetic Drugs(Easy to remember)


The dose of Lignocaine (plain) is is 3mg/kg body weight , maximum dose can be given is 200mg and dose for lignocaine with epinephrine is 6 mg/kg body weight, maximum dose can be given is 500mg. Duration of action of lignocaine is 60 to 180 minute depending upon the technique used. The speed of onset is rapid. Lignocaine is used as topically , nerve blocks, intravenous regional anesthetics and eipidurally.


The dose of Bupivacaine is 2mg/kg body weight with or without epinephrine is 4 hours of period.Duration of action is up to 24 hour for the nerve blocks which can take upto  40 minute to start the action , 3-4 hour dose dependent for ,epidurally which takes  15 to 20 minute for the action to start . 2-3 hour dose dependent during intrathecal injection which takes 30 second for the action to start. Bupivacaine is mainly used for the nerve blocks , epidurally and intrathecally, it is relatively cardio toxic.

Levo Bupivacaine: 

It is an isomer of bupivacaine, most of its properties are similar to the bupivacaine but this is less cardio toxic which allows slightly higer dose to be given.


The dose for Ropivacaine is 3 mg/kg , the maximum dose can be given is 200 mg . Duration of action for the same concentration and technique is shorter than bupivacaine. Speed of onset is similar to bupivacaine. At lower concentration, it causes relatively less intense motor block than bupivacaine.

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