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Electrolytes | Mnemonics | Easy to remember | Hypernatremia | Hyperkalemia | Hypocalcemia

  • Hypernatremia

  • Hyperkalemia

  • Hypocalcemia

Hypernatremia:  (You are Fried)

F– Fever (Low) , Flushed skin

E– Restless ( Irritable )

I – Increased fluid retention and increased BP

E– Edema

D– Decreased Urine output , Dry mouth

Hypernatremia:  (SALT)

You can also use this mnemonics

S– Skin flushed

A– Agitation

L– Low grade fever

T– Thirst


Sign and Symptoms of Hyperkalemia 

MURDER (Mnemonics)

M– Muscle weakness

U– Urine (Oliguria,Anuria)

R– Respiratory distress

D– Decreased cardiac contractility

E– ECG changes

R– Reflexes, Hyperflexia or areflexia (Flaccid)

Causes of Hyperkalemia 

MACHINE (Mnemonics)

M– Medication, ACE inhibitors , NSAID’s

A– Acidosis, Metabolic and Respiratory

C– Cellular destruction , Burns, Traumatic injury

H– HypoaldoSteronism , Haemolysis

I– Intake , excessive

N– Nephrons, Renal failure

E– Excretion-Impaired


CATS GO NUMB (Mnemonics)

C– Convulsions

A– Arrythmias

T– Tetany

S– Spasm, Seizure and stridor

Numbness of hand, feet and lips

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